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Does anyone know how to make facebook NOT set a default image if you dont specify the 'picture' argument?

I have tried:
blank = image auto set from website link
0 = all out fail with no message
null = fail with error message
removing 'picture' altogether from the array = image auto set from website link

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I ran into this problem as well, and found this rather useless SO post. Then I figured it out, and thought I'd answer it now that it's almost a month old.

I got around it (as suggested in a comment on this post) by specifying a non-existent URL for the image. I just used http://www.noimage.faketld for mine, since that's pretty assuredly never going to resolve to anything. It now produces a nice gray line (as if it was being quoted), which I don't think can be removed, but looks decent enough imo.

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This works, but that fake url still go with the link when you post and your friend can still click it. I think this doesn't provide the best ui experience. – Hlung Jan 31 '12 at 9:50
this doesnt work, instead of the image a blank square is shown – kubio Jul 21 at 23:46
Not surprising, as this post is from almost 4 years ago, and Facebook's API has gone through countless iterations since then. I don't have any better suggestions. – cincodenada Jul 21 at 23:51

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