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I have a controller as follows that returns a byte[]

public class ImageController : Controller
        public ActionResult Show(int id)

            var proxy = new ServiceProxy();
            var imgData = proxy.GetCheckImage(id);
            return File(imgData, "image/tiff");

My view is as follows:

<img alt ="" src='@Url.Action("show", "image", new { id = 36 })'/>

I have hard coded the image id for debug purposes.

On the browser in chrome/ie I get a x where the image needs to be displayed. But if I go directly to the controller url http://localhost/website/image/show/id=36, the image gets downloaded fine to the local machine.I have tried creating a separate ActionResult in the same controller which is used to display other data without any luck. This is a Win7/IIS7 local dev. environment.

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Thanks Sam/Smartcaveman. I was successful in rendering the jpeg version – kolhapuri Mar 4 '11 at 3:37

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Is Tiff supported by Chrome/IE? I don't think it is...

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Tiff is not supported by most browsers. The solution is to convert the Tiff to a Png file.

This post has the solution to your problem:

Render image to the screen from MVC controller

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