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I am trying to setup my site so that when I edit one file it edits all the header or footer. but with the header I there is a current, can someone give me a script so that it will add:<li id="current" class="grey active item1"> infront of the "<a href" and if it isnt currently "active" it will add: <li class="grey item26"> infront of the "<a href", would prefer this in PHP but javascript would be fine aswell.

Sources for you to look at if you need any more info:




The file that starts all this is just:

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The question isn't clear. Perhaps you could give an example of the before HTML and an after HTML. –  troutinator Mar 4 '11 at 3:38

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This sounds like it is a active menu item related question...

When you include/require files they inherit the scope of where they were called from. See Variable scope.

So from test.php you could set a variable

$active = 'test';

And then in the header.php file you can check that variable

<li <?php 
if ($active == 'test') 
    echo 'id = "current" class="grey active item1"';
    echo 'class=""grey item26"' 

Then in other files you can set $active to something else and have that handle this.

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Hey thanks for the quick reply was very helpful. Took me a while to understand it though as I am very noobish with PHP. –  Savior Mar 4 '11 at 5:41

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