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Two days ago I installed all the Android SDK updates. Earlier I had 2.2 API 8, Revision 2. After the upgrade I enabled snapshot - I am not able to start the emulator with Snapshot enabled. I get this message (in red) in the Console
NAND: nand_dev_load_disk_state ftruncate failed: Invalid argument

I get this message in logcat almost every 5 seconds
03-03 19:45:38.008: WARN/MountService(59): Waiting too long for mReady!

the trace before this message appears is shown below

03-03 19:39:56.633: INFO/SystemServer(59): Mount Service  
03-03 19:39:56.672: INFO/SystemServer(59): Notification Manager  
03-03 19:39:56.722: INFO/SystemServer(59): Device Storage Monitor  
03-03 19:39:56.752: ERROR/VoldConnector(59): No connection to daemon  
03-03 19:39:56.752: ERROR/VoldConnector(59): java.lang.IllegalStateException  
03-03 19:39:56.752: ERROR/VoldConnector(59):     at com.android.server.NativeDaemonConnector.sendCommand(NativeDaemonConnector.java:191)  
03-03 19:39:56.752: ERROR/VoldConnector(59):     at com.android.server.NativeDaemonConnector.sendCommand(NativeDaemonConnector.java:178)  
03-03 19:39:56.752: ERROR/VoldConnector(59):     at com.android.server.NativeDaemonConnector.doCommand(NativeDaemonConnector.java:213)  
03-03 19:39:56.752: ERROR/VoldConnector(59):     at com.android.server.NativeDaemonConnector.doListCommand(NativeDaemonConnector.java:258)  
03-03 19:39:56.752: ERROR/VoldConnector(59):     at com.android.server.MountService$2.run(MountService.java:425)  
03-03 19:39:56.783: INFO/SystemServer(59): Location Manager  
03-03 19:39:56.793: INFO/SystemServer(59): Search Service  
03-03 19:39:56.802: INFO/SystemServer(59): DropBox Service

Can anyone please tell me what could be wrong with my setup? I am attaching a screenshot of Installed packages.

enter image description here

The emulator does not start I have to kill it and restart eclipse with with snapshot disabled. http://tools.android.com/recent/emulatorsnapshots

With Snapshot disabled - here is what logcat looks like

03-04 04:17:41.387: INFO/SystemServer(73): Device Storage Monitor  
03-04 04:17:41.398: INFO/PackageManager(73): Updating external media status from unmounted to unmounted  
03-04 04:17:41.407: DEBUG/VoldCmdListener(29): share status ums  
03-04 04:17:41.457: INFO/SystemServer(73): Location Manager  

The AVD platform is 2.2/API 8
Thank you

Here are the details for AVD
enter image description here

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Can you post the AVD options that were used to create this? Screenres, sd card, etc? –  Greg Giacovelli Mar 7 '11 at 3:02
I can't repeat this issue on my setup. I used all the same parameters. What system are you running on? I used XP 32bit, Eclipse Helios SR1 –  Spidy Mar 11 '11 at 21:58
@spidy: XP 32bit SP3 - Galileo - Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers epp.package.jee Eclipse Platform 3.5.2.M20100211-1343 org.eclipse.platform.ide –  Abhi Mar 13 '11 at 13:09

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Try removing the sdcard and see if it works.

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thanks! that did not make a difference –  Abhi Mar 13 '11 at 12:56

here's what i did and result: in AVD manager, edit the avd, there is Emulation Options, deselect the Snapshot option.(i forget why i selected it, but i guess the snap shot is missing, and causes the error.) and it works. hope it helps.

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