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i'm very new to the word Framework. I need to design some websites, i want to learn any Web framework for java. And hence this is the first framework i'm learning in my life, what framework i have to select?

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  1. GWT
  2. JSF 2.0
  3. Apache Wicket
  4. Apache Tapestry
  5. Struts

This is most popular frameworks as i know. I like GWT, but you may choose what you want, it depends on your goals. To familiarize you can work with each

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Although this is a fairly subjective question, learn Struts 2! (the 2 is important!) It is fairly simple, uses plain Java objects, the design is clear. You can start with a small project and expand as you learn.

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This depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to write the backend server logic? Are you trying to implement a web-based UI that presents / communicates with that logic?

For creating a web-based UI in Java, you might want to try Google Web Toolkit (GWT). For the backend logic, there is Google App Engine. I'm sure there are lots of other frameworks that others will list.

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thanks for your reply – Ant's Mar 4 '11 at 4:55

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