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A client needs an updated copy of a file propagated to about 160 variations of the same folder structure on a Windows box. can someone help me with a script to automate this? I'm a developer, but a n00b with scripts.

the folder structure looks like:

  • root
    • one
      • layouts
      • components
      • help
    • two
      • layouts
      • components
      • help
    • three
      • layouts
      • components
      • help
    • ... x 160

and I need to copy the same file to the 'components' folder.


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This could be done in powershell... some more detailed info is needed to create a script. –  jamason1983 Mar 4 '11 at 1:51
Voted to move to StackOverflow... It seems odd, as a 'developer' I would think you should know how to code in at least one scripting language. Do you develop exclusively in some odd language that disallows file access? :) –  techie007 Mar 4 '11 at 4:01
I develop in C#. I thought it'd be easier to write a script, but didn't know where to start. maybe I'd just be better off writing a C# program to do it. –  dave thieben Mar 4 '11 at 15:08

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Here is a powershell solution I cooked up that should do what you are asking. You willneed to edit the SourceDir, Dest, and the Filter to get the file or files you want.

$SourceDir = "C:\Source"
$Dest = "C:\Root"
$Files = gci -Path $SourceDir -Recurse -Filter "*.txt" |?{$_.Directory -ne $null}

$Index = ($Source.Length)
$SSFile = $UpdatedPath.Substring($Index)
$Index = $SSFile.LastIndexOf("\")
$ChildDir = $SSFile.Substring(0,$Index)
$Root = Dir -Path $Dest|?{$_.Directory -eq $null}
foreach ($File in $Files){
    foreach ($Folder in $Root){
        $FolderPath = $Folder.FullName
        $DropPath = ("{0}{1}" -f$FolderPath, $ChildDir)
        Copy-Item -Path $File.FullName -Destination $DropPath
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As a developer, just enumerate the folders on the first level and execute a copy command for each.

Pseudo code:

for each directory in /root

    copy file to /root/directory/components
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"...just enumerate the folders on the first level." Perhaps abstract the function into a static method? –  techie007 Mar 4 '11 at 4:04

Use Batch "ROBOCOPY"

I use it to update my removable drive (USB)


ROBOCOPY "C:\ From Dir" "C:\To Dir" [options] For more info, see http://ss64.com/nt/robocopy.html

Very good for script noobs

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This should work in a batch file - or from the command line if you reduce all %% to %

@echo off
for /d /r "c:\root" %%a in (*) do if /i "%%~nxa"=="components" copy "d:\folder\file.txt" "%%a"
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