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I am using apache-tomcat-6.0.18 on windows xp prefossional SP3.

My requirement is to show additional information ( like Organization Name) in the Tomcat Manager => Server Status => in between the JVM and http- Header. I have modified the file "org.apache.catalina.manager.StatusTransformer::writeConnectorState<method name>" from catalina.jar source and added simple text to it. Sample code is

 public static void writeConnectorState(PrintWriter writer, ObjectName tpName, String name, MBeanServer mBeanServer, Vector globalRequestProcessors, Vector requestProcessors, int mode)throws Exception{

if (mode == 0) {
  // START - Added New Code to display org name
  writer.print("XYZ Organization.");
  // END - Added New Code to display org name


  writer.print(" Max threads: ");
  writer.print(mBeanServer.getAttribute(tpName, "maxThreads"));
  writer.print(" Current thread count: ");
  writer.print(mBeanServer.getAttribute(tpName, "currentThreadCount"));
  writer.print(" Current thread busy: ");
  writer.print(mBeanServer.getAttribute(tpName, "currentThreadsBusy"));
  }// end if-else }// method end

Again created catalina.jar with modified code. and replaced with the existing jar from catalina_home/bin. Restarted the tomcat but nothing coming out of it.

Even if i remove catalina.jar from catalina_home/bin and starts the tomcat, its working!!!!

I tried even after restarting the system but my changes are not reflecting.

Please help me out for the following queries

  1. Am i modifying the wrong file?
  2. How tomcat is running without catalina.jar?
  3. How to reflect the changes? i.e. Any other way?
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Not 100% sure on this, but I think you should place the modified catalina.jar in catalina_home/lib, as I believe that's where the web-applications load their shared libraries (Tomcat Manager is just another app under catalina_home/webapps/).

Edit: I checked one of our servers, there's no catalina.jar under catalina_home/bin, only under catalina_home/lib.

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Actually i didnt noticed the path while posting, It is catalina_home/lib not catalina_home/bin. –  RajeshS Mar 7 '11 at 4:42

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