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What are the best search and replace tools in linux?

I want to find an easy way.


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Could you clarify? What kind of file(s)? How many files? How deep a directory structure? To tools I use for search/replace in source code are different from the ones I use for "Word-like" documents. –  jwernerny Mar 4 '11 at 15:08

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You can use rpl.

It will replace strings with new strings in multiple text files. It can work recursively over directories and supports limiting the search to specific file suffixes.

rpl [-iwRspfdtx [-q|-v]] <old_str> <new_str> <target_file(s)> 
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find for finding files/directories

grep or ack[1] for searching files

sed for search/replace in files

awk and cut for slicing/dicing text

for anything non-trivial I usually reach for perl

[1] http://betterthangrep.com/

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find and sed are the classic tools.

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