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In a curious to code my first app for Samsung tablet I got struck without knowing how to deal in naming drawable folders, I am using Android 3.0 ,to start with, I browsed through websites to learn its specification, i found Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is of 7-inch display screen with 2048×1200 pixel resolution running on android 3.0 and other site pointed to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs on same android 3.0 with resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and 10.10 size ,My fist question, do Samsung have 2 different models running on same version of android ,Second question is that if i need my app to run on this both tablet where should i place the images when my supports-screens tag points to android:anyDensity="true", what could be the layout and drawables, i need my app to run in tablets that supports 2.3 versions also

  drawable-hpi and layout-long
  drawable-large and layout
  drawable-xlarge and layout-long 

if you feel that i have missed to understand the basic concept somewhere on the line please point out references to to elevate my ignorance.

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There're some useful information I've answered at here: stackoverflow.com/questions/6072382/… –  Tam Vo Aug 28 '11 at 1:21

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In general, these 10 inch Gingerbread tablets should have an xlarge screen size and a mdpi pixel density.

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