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I have a string variable assigned with some Content in HTML format. Some thing like this var strLabel:String = "This is <b>Test</b>;

But in run time i have get the first 10 characters of the string and display it in another control. For this, what did was

txtLabelName.Text = String(strLabel).substr(0,10) + ' ...';

But in the output i am getting as This is <b. Basically it considering HTML related tags also as text. But my code has to omit the HTML tags while calculating sub string.

Please anybody help me to do this?

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Use this regexp to strip html tags (more or less):

txtLabelName.text = strLabel.replace(/\<.+?\>/g, '').substr(0, 10) + ' ...';

It's a very simple regexp to strip all tags so it won't work on more complex tags (probably).

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I got this code from some blog. This is working Perfectly

public static function stripHtmlTags(html:String, tags:String = ""):String
        var tagsToBeKept:Array = new Array();
        if (tags.length > 0)
            tagsToBeKept = tags.split(new RegExp("\\s*,\\s*"));

        var tagsToKeep:Array = new Array();
        for (var i:int = 0; i < tagsToBeKept.length; i++)
            if (tagsToBeKept[i] != null && tagsToBeKept[i] != "")

        var toBeRemoved:Array = new Array();
        var tagRegExp:RegExp = new RegExp("<([^>\\s]+)(\\s[^>]+)*>", "g");

        var foundedStrings:Array = html.match(tagRegExp);
        for (i = 0; i < foundedStrings.length; i++) 
            var tagFlag:Boolean = false;
            if (tagsToKeep != null) 
                for (var j:int = 0; j < tagsToKeep.length; j++)
                    var tmpRegExp:RegExp = new RegExp("<\/?" + tagsToKeep[j] + "( [^<>]*)*>", "i");
                    var tmpStr:String = foundedStrings[i] as String;
                    if (tmpStr.search(tmpRegExp) != -1) 
                        tagFlag = true;
            if (!tagFlag)
        for (i = 0; i < toBeRemoved.length; i++) 
            var tmpRE:RegExp = new RegExp("([\+\*\$\/])","g");
            var tmpRemRE:RegExp = new RegExp((toBeRemoved[i] as String).replace(tmpRE, "\\$1"),"g");
            html = html.replace(tmpRemRE, "");
        return html;
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