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I am ready to submit an application to the appStore but the problem is the application gets stuck when I build it on release mode (Do I have to build it on release mode in order to submit to appStore?) but it gets stuck while loading the first data that are retrieved from a server. Which means the MBProgressHUD I'm using is just there displayed indefinitely even if some data was already retrieved (I retrieve a JSON string with data and an Image).

The application works and builds perfectly in debug mode, for some reason on release mode it doesn't. I tried to do a rm -rf build on the project and cleaning it aswell to no avail. I tried deleting the application from the simulator and device with no results. Am I doing something wrong, or is it code related? Maybe provisioning?

Thank you!

These are the log messages I get while running on release mode. The application does not crash.

[11603:5d03] Starting asynchronous request <ASIHTTPRequest: 0x682e800>
[11603:7803] Request #1 will use connection #1
[11603:7803] Request <ASIHTTPRequest: 0x682e800> received response headers
[11603:7803] Got a keep-alive header, 
             will keep this connection open for 5.000000 seconds
[11603:7803] Request <ASIHTTPRequest: 0x682e800> finished downloading 
             data (227370 bytes)
[11603:7803] Request #1 finished using connection #1
[11603:7803] Request finished: <ASIHTTPRequest: 0x682e800>

And that's it, the application actually finishes the request and retrieves the data successfully but still the MBProgressHUD gets stuck.

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Test the application again for Release mode, is it happening to be crashed?? or simply stucking at some point of execution. What does your log messages say?

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I posted the log on the question. What I see is that the application manages to retrieve the data I need but the loader simply gets stuck on the screen, blocking all user interaction. This does not happen on debug mode. The application is not crashing. It just gets stuck. –  Joze Mar 4 '11 at 8:45
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It turned out it was apparently the fault of a while loop. The while was empty purposefully. But when I put a NSLog inside it, the release mode works just fine. Very weird and irregular. I guess release uses some very awkward configuration though it shouldn't.

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This is not irregular. In release mode compiler optimizations are turned off. A while loop may be optimized away, unless it does something with an effect on the outside world. Adding NSLog() clearly makes that the loop must stay. Another possibility is that the NSLog() changes the exact timing, which is also influenced by build settings. –  mvds Apr 4 '11 at 10:31
I understand now. Thank you for your explanation. I was then lucky to find that out. –  Joze Apr 4 '11 at 10:33

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