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Here's the breakdown:
What code do I need to extract the 12, 26, and 48 from a field whose value is 101219488926 and then display it in the format MM/DD/YY? (So in this case, the new value would need to be 12/26/48)

Here's the long version:
I'm using a mag-stripe reader that takes information from the swiped card (a driver license) and then uses that info to auto-populate certain fields in a PDF (first name, last name, date of birth, etc).

Everything works fine, with one exception: the date of birth. Even that does technically work, but the value is in this format (assuming the person's DOB is 26 December 1948):


What I need is: the month (12), day (26), and year (1948) stripped out of that long number, then converted to display in the format MM/DD/YY

Outside of Acrobat, this seems to work just fine:

var dob = 101219488926;
trimmonth = dob.substring(2,4);
trimday = dob.substring(10,12);
trimyear = dob.substring(6,8);
dob.value = trimmonth + "/" + trimday + "/" + trimyear;

Any suggestions?

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The code you have there shouldn't work - substring is a String function, so you would need to convert that number you have to a string for it to be available. Setting dob.value is also suspect, since dob is a Number, and numbers do not have a value property.

Of course, it's obvious that you're not showing the actual code you have tried, but something like this would probably work:

// Appending blank string to type coerce
var dob = 101219488926 + ''; 

// Array.join to glue the numbers together 
// (no reason why you **have** to use this; the original method will work fine too)
dopInput.value = [dob.substring(2,4), dob.substring(10,12), dob.substring(6,8)].join('/');
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