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At present we host a number of WPF controls in a WinForms application. The application is started using the System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(...) method and WPF controls hosted using the ElementHost.

In a normal WPF application I'd define a System.Windows.Application object (App.xaml) and call run on it. Normally any application level WPF resources would go in there. We don't have this.

How can I specify application level resources for the WPF controls but still run as a WinForms app?

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In a hosted environment you do not have easy access to the Application, Dr WPF has a couple of methods for working in a hosted scenario at

I am personally using his SharedResources class in a work project, VB6 Form hosting Winforms UserControl hosting ElementHost hosting WPF UserControl with a Application wide theme, for the WPF controls.

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If you host WPF controls within a WinForms application you do not have the Applicationobject which hosts the application-wide resources. The trick is to create such a object, load your global resources and merge them into the ResourceDictionary.

Here is an example of this code:

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