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I have a client looking to deploy advertising to the websites of their subsidiaries.

Some research and a demo install later showed OpenX http://www.openx.org/ to be the clear leader for open source solutions using javascript.

Then they threw in the wrench that some of their subsidiaries use Myspace for their primary web presence, so they'd like to be able to deliver ads there as well. That means a platform that would deliver ads via a flash widget.

I haven't been able to find any open source flash ad content networks.

Anyone have any experience delivering ads to myspace? Help would be greatly appreciated!

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IIRC you don't need to be flash to work on Myspace... I've embedded JS there before.

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Seems like what you are looking for is a flash widget that will talk directly to the ad server.

I've never seen such a system. The ad server is always interacted with via javascript or a direct image and url tag, both modes are supported by OpenX.

You can probably have a simple flash widget created that will show the image and link to the url of the ad tag if you need to hide it from myspace for some reason.

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