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I've created a WCF Web Service which returns data in JSON format. The code for the service is as follows:

[WebGet(ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)]
List<MyCustomer> GetCustomerJSON();


public List<MyCustomer> GetCustomerJSON()
        var nm = (from n in _ent.Customers
                  select new MyCustomer() { CustomerID = n.CustomerID, AccountNumber = n.AccountNumber }).Take(10);

        return nm.ToList();


However, the output isn't well formed. It included square brackets at start and end. Because of which I can't use Json Parser tool. Please help.

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If you return List<T> it will be encoded like array of T in the JSON and array will be encoded with respect of square brackets:


In your case it will be probably


It is valid JSON. You can use http://www.jsonlint.com/ to verify this. So WCF produce correct output and you have problem only with the "Json Parser tool".

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