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I'm a beginner django developer. And often, when looking for solutions or reading articles on web I find lots of useful django applications, libraries, etc... But I've never met a comprehensive list.

So I ask everyone to share your list of django related stuff you use in your projects. So far I've learnt:

Your turn

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Why aren't you using the django community site for this? – S.Lott Mar 4 '11 at 11:00

One awesome tool is the PyCharm program that supports Django. It lets you do things like runserver and syncdb from within the app so you don't need to keep switching back and forth to the terminal. Google PyCharm and you should find it.

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I find django-extensions essential to my development process. The sqldiff command alone is incredibly useful. The django-extensions package requires nothing more than a pip install to have it working on your system.

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sorl-thumbnail is nice but I personally prefer django-imagekit for creating thumbnails.

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