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I've got an issue of too much recursion with jquery and in IE a pop up stack overflow, what it can be?

Here my code

Html :

<div id="leiki_tabs">
<div id="leiki_container">
<ul id="leiki_menu">
  <li style="width:100px;border-right:1px dotted #333;border-bottom:1px dotted #333;text-align:center;"><a id="title_leiki_panel_1" href="#" rel="leiki_panel_1">Today</a></li>
  <li style="width:100px;border-right:1px dotted #333;border-bottom:1px dotted #333;text-align:center;"><a id="title_leiki_panel_2" href="#" rel="leiki_panel_2">This Month</a></li>
  <li style="width:100px;border-right:1px dotted #333;border-bottom:1px dotted #333;text-align:center;"><a id="title_leiki_panel_3" href="#" rel="leiki_panel_3">Archive</a></li>

  <li style="width:270px;"/>
  <li id="leiki_logo_tab_menu"><a href="#" rel="leiki_panel_5" ><img id="leiki_logo" style="border:0px;" src="leikiLogo_onMouseOver.png"/></a></li>

<!--Panel Contents Start-->
<div id="leiki_panel_1" class="leiki_panel">
  <ul class="leiki_panel_ul">
    <li class="leiki_panel_li"><div class="leiki_left"><Article 1</div></li>
    <li class="leiki_panel_li"><div class="leiki_left">Article 2</div></li>
    <li class="leiki_panel_li"><div class="leiki_left">Article 3</div></li>
    <li class="leiki_panel_li"><div class="leiki_left">Article </div></li>
    <li class="leiki_panel_li"><div class="leiki_left">Article 5</div></li>

Javascript :

var opened_one = null;
    $('#leiki_menu a').mouseenter(function(){
        var link_rel = $(this).attr('rel');
        $('div#' + link_rel).show();
        opened_one = $('div#' + link_rel);
        var tab = "title_" +link_rel;
        var link_rel = $(this).attr('rel');
        var tab = "title_" +link_rel;
        if(tab=="title_leiki_panel_1" ||
        tab=="title_leiki_panel_2" ||
        tab=="title_leiki_panel_3" ||
        tab=="title_leiki_panel_4" ||

It's working on my desktop without problem but on the test server which is owned by our customer it give me this error too much recursion. I cant post the address of the test server but maybe in private message.


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Can we see some example HTML that this JS is running on? It'll be getting into a loop somewhere, but it's hard to know where without seeing the HTML as well. – Blair McMillan Mar 4 '11 at 10:33
can you add some debuging in your code ? It looks as if there are loads of elements in your page and are being added to stack to perform some task. Or can you provide a demo page so we can have a look? – sufyan.shoaib Mar 4 '11 at 10:33
the problem is it's integrated in a page of a newspaper of 5000 lines, and it doenst give me informations :s – Patrice Mar 4 '11 at 10:41
the problem is the test page is on the server of one of our customers, and i cant modify or give you access to it – Patrice Mar 4 '11 at 10:44

Try changing $('#leiki_menu a').mouseenter(function() and similar into:

$('#leiki_menu').delegate('a', 'mouseenter', function(){
    // ...
}).delegate('a', 'mouseleave', function(){
    // ...
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