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I have friendship model, and for every new friendship, i create two new records:

User1 and Friend1 Friend1 and User1

I can retrieve all standard staffs like: friends, friendships, pending_friends... The situation become complicated when i try to get common friends, friends of friends...

For now to get common friendships i use something like:

has_many :common_friendships, :class_name => 'Friendship', :conditions=>'friendships.user_id = #{}' do
          def common_with(friend)
            joins("inner join friendships fl2 on friendships.friend_id = fl2.user_id").where("fl2.friend_id = #{}")

Also i can use full query with finder_sql like:

select distinct *
from friendships fl1
inner join friendships fl2 on fl1.friend_id = fl2.user_id
where fl1.user_id = 1  and fl2.friend_id = 2

How can i do that in elegant way in rails 3? Can someone point me to the right way of doing this kind of staffs?

Thanks a lot

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Are you using single model for storing freinds and users information??? – Ashish Mar 4 '11 at 10:36
no of course. There is a User and Friendship model – Alex Mar 4 '11 at 13:36

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