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In Zedgraph I am unable to get my circle filled - even though I think I have copied the docs. Anyone know why?

myCurve[j] = myPane.AddCurve(SerNames[j], list[j], colours[j], SymbolType.None);
myCurve[j].Line.IsVisible = false;
myCurve[j].Symbol.Type = SymbolType.Circle;
myCurve[j].Symbol.Size = 4.0F;
myCurve[j].Symbol.Border.Width = 2.0F;
myCurve[j].Symbol.Border.Color = Color.Red;
myCurve[1].Symbol.Fill = new Fill(Color.Red);
//myCurve[1].Symbol.Fill.IsVisible = true;
myCurve[1].Symbol.Fill.Type = FillType.Solid;
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One time you use myCurve[j] and one time myCurve[1]. That might be the problem :-) – SpeziFish Mar 4 '11 at 15:13
No that's ddeliberate. I have several curves in this chart – ManInMoon Mar 6 '11 at 9:02
I agree with SpeziFish. Why are you doing that? And after you changed the symbol etc have you refreshed the graph with Invalidate() or Refresh()? – Gacek Mar 6 '11 at 17:19
As I said - the one is deliberate - I am targeting a particular line. Yes - I refresh afterwards. – ManInMoon Mar 9 '11 at 22:39

The problem may lie outside the code sample provided. One thing that stands out as odd is that when you add the curve to the pane, you specify SymbolType.None, yet two lines later it is set to SymbolType.Circle. This should not cause a fill problem, but I would still change the original symbol type to the desired type and eliminate the redundant line.

Next, I presume you have many curves added to the pane, but only want solid circles on myCurve[1]. If one of the other curves is in on top of 1, and has data points in the exact same location, those circles will hide the filled ones. You might want to guarantee that myCurve[1] is in the foreground, using the Move() method:

myPane.CurveList.Move(myPane.CurveList.IndexOf(myCurve[1]), -999);
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