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In a small Struts application (not using any data base) I have a login.jsp and register.jsp. Once the Login is successful it is redirected to success.jsp. Once the Registration is successful it is redirected to the same success.jsp.

Now, once I login I want to display the login name of the person who logged in and after registration I want to show the name of the person who registered. As I am using the same success.jsp, how will I display them?

I am using <jsp:usebean>, <jsp:setProperty>, <jsp:getProperty> tags to get the value of the attribute.

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Please read tutorials on HttpSession marakana.com/blog/examples/java-jsp-login-system-example.html and jsptut.com/Sessions.jsp –  Dead Programmer Mar 4 '11 at 11:44
Thank you for the links Suresh. But i couldnt get any solution for my problem yet. –  priya Mar 4 '11 at 12:09

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Check whether bean is initialized, if not so don't use that and use other, for eg for registration only that bean will be init, not login one.

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I got a solution!

Alog with Loginform bean and Registerform bean, I took another Bean Suppose UserBean and provided setter and getter methods for the LoginName in that bean and i inherited that bean in my Login and register bean.

In Success jsp I took a form object of UserBean and wrote the following logic

UserForm form=null; form=null!=request.getAttribute("LoginForm") ?(UserForm)request.getAttribute(LoginForm) :(UserForm)request.getAttribute("RegisterForm");

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