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I am trying to backup data to a yaml store on deletion like so:

DeleteProject.create!(:data => {
  :project => project.attributes, 
  :domains =>, 
  :databases => project.databases.collect(&:attributes)

However although the project and domain data is stored fine, databases is always coming back blank. The relationship is done via

  • has_and_belongs_to_many :databases
  • has_and_belongs_to_many :projects

I am at a dead end with this one as I do not know why it simply would not be passing in the current data from project.databases. Any insight would be great, thanks!

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Do you have any default_scope which filter the data??? – Ashish Mar 4 '11 at 11:31
There is nothing filtering the data, all of the information is there as it is being used in the show project action with the exact same request. – Hard-Boiled Wonderland Mar 4 '11 at 14:21
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Okay so I fixed this by doing the following:

  • has_many :database_connections
  • has_many :databases, :through => :database_connections

Updated models to use has_many and then updated the connecting table no longer database_projects but database_connections.

class DatabaseConnection < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :projects, :class_name => "Project",
                        :foreign_key => "project_id"
  belongs_to :databases, :class_name => "Database",
                         :foreign_key => "database_id"
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