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I can not query log "Security" using WMI. Other logs works fine. Here is what i use:

import wmi
c = wmi.GetObject(r"winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=delegate,(Security)}!\\.\root\cimv2")
for i in c.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_NTLogEvent WHERE Logfile = 'Security'"):
    print i

It return me empty result, and in security log create reacord "audit failed". As i mentioned, i can query all other logs, but not this one specific. so i guess problem is in

c = wmi.GetObject(here is a problem)

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Have you considered going the win32evtlog way? This is part of what I have used in the past and it seems to work well...

import win32evtlog

outfile = open('NTLog.log', 'w')
server = 'SERVER_Name'
logtype = 'Security'
hand = win32evtlog.OpenEventLog(server, logtype)
total = win32evtlog.GetNumberOfEventLogRecords(hand)
count = 0
while count != total:
    events = win32evtlog.ReadEventLog(hand, flags,0)
    if events:
        for event in events:
            data = event.StringInserts
            if data:

This isn't really a complete implementation, but hopefully it gets you back on track!

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