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i have following cout statement. Here i have to char arrays because i have to pass to vsnprintf to convert variable argument list and store in Msg. Is there any way we can get cout output to C++ std::string.

char Msg[100];
char appname1[100];
char appname2[100];
char appname3[100]; 

// I have some logic in function which some string is assinged to Msg.
std::cout << Msg << " "<< appname1 <<":"<< appname2 << ":" << appname3 << " " << "!" << getpid() <<" " << "~" << pthread_self() << endl;
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You can replace cout by a stringstream.

std::stringstream buffer;
buffer << "Text" << std::endl;

You can access the string using buffer.str().

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i have mutilple strings in cout, how do i do that. thanks – venkysmarty Mar 4 '11 at 12:04
@venkysmarty: You can clear the buffer after each string. If the string are separated with spaces or something like that, you can split it. – Björn Pollex Mar 4 '11 at 12:13
How can I use this with printf? clearly i cant replace printf with buffer unlike the cout! – Hossein Oct 23 '15 at 18:05

You can use std::stringstream

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If you can change the code then use ostringstream (or stringstream) instead of cout.

If you cannot change the code and want to "capture" what is being output you can redirect your output or pipe it.

It may then be possible for your process to read the file or get the piped information through shared memory.

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