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I get a null value from doseTimeString when I output with:

   Log.d("dosetimeString", "" + dosetimeString); 

But if I use an if condition on this line, it gives me a NullPointerException:

if (dosetimeString.equals("null") || dosetimeString == null
    || dosetimeString.equals(""))  {
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The NullPointerException is occurring on this bit of your if statement:


because you are calling a method on a null object, and as Roflcoptr says, if you actually need all those tests, you should make that line read:

if (dosetimeString == null || dosetimeString.equals("null") || dosetimeString.equals("")) {

However, if you just want to check if it is null, you only need the first condition.

if (dosetimeString == null) {
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It's because first you test


There you try to access variable dosetimeString which is null.

So just use:

dosetimeString == null
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That's because doestimeString is null. You can't access member functions on a null object!

Put the doestiemString==null before doestimeString.equals( "null" ) and you should be ok.

if (dosetimeString == null || dosetimeString.equals("null") || dosetimeString.equals("")){

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