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Can I use DECODE in a UPDATE statement on the left hand side of SET?

UPDATE temp SET DECODE(update_var, 1, col1, 2, col2) = update_value;

This is giving me error as eual sign ignored..

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How about this? If the update flag is set to 1, col1 gets updated, if set to 2, then col2 gets updated.

   SET col1 = DECODE(update_var, 1, update_value, col1),
       col2 = DECODE(update_var, 2, update_value, col2)

Also, as a bonus, it'll handle the possible situation where the update variable is set to something other than one or two!

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Forgot you could do that! – Sumit Mar 7 '11 at 16:25

No you can't do that. You can do this in PL/SQL:

IF update_var = 1 THEN
    UPDATE temp SET col1 = update_value;
    UPDATE temp SET col2 = update_value;

Or you could use dynamic SQL like this:

l_sql := 'UPDATE temp SET col'||update_var||' = :v';
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE l_sql USING update_value;
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You cant use decode in an update statement. You can however use a merge statement.

SELECT key, DECODE(update_var, 1, update_value, col1) as col1, 
     DECODE(update_var, 2, update_value, col2) as col2 
FROM temp
WHERE key =theKeyIPassedIn) e
ON (b.key = e.key)
UPDATE SET b.col1 = e.col1, b.col2 = e.col2

Basically you are using the select portion of the merge to decode col1 and col2 to either the update_value or the value that exists already.

This may also be too verbose for your needs, and the solution that uses an if statement or execute immediate may better suit your problem.

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