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I have a strange svn behaviour :

For some reason, I removed a directory times ago:

cd /repos/a  (correspond to the url svn+ssh://server/repos/a)
ls gives 'b' which is under svn.
svn rm b
svn ci -m "" -> I am at revision 701

I work a little till, let's say revision 740 Then I want to get back directory 'b'

first I check, I can list it within an old revision of the repository:

cd /repos/a
svn ls -r 700 svn+ssh://server/repos/a : OK I can see directory 'b'


svn ls -r 700 svn+ssh://server/repos/a/b :
svn : file not found : revision 740, path '/repos/a/b' 

why? I have same message with svn copy or svn merge

The funny thing is when I use recursive ls :

svn ls -r 700 -R svn+ssh://server/repos/a : 

the listing shows 'b' as well as ALL files in it...

I am using svn 1.4.6 what should I do to get back 'b'?

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Anyway upgrade your SVN to much more up-to-date version: 1.6.x –  abatishchev Mar 4 '11 at 12:48

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Sounds like you need to specify a peg revision.



svn ls -r 700 svn+ssh://server/repos/a/b@700
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Thank you a lot, your link explained a lot of things. I succeded to restore my directory. :) –  Eric Mar 4 '11 at 13:32

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