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I am seeing use of <$nopage> in some python scripts online and in a pdf file. I have googled for what it stands for. But could not get information about it. To be specific, in the PDF version of the book, Core Python Programming, I see this <$nopage> construct many times. But on the online version (Safari Books) of the same book, I do not see this construct. Can someone please tell me what this <$nopage> means? Thanks.

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It means nothing in the context of Python at all. It's probably a mistake in the PDF rendering. I'm guessing it's a statement to prevent page breaks in the code.

Update: I finally found an example here: http://raninho.com.br/~paper/Python/O%27Reilly%20-%20Core%20Python/237.html

That is indeed not python code, but most likely code to prevent page breaks. Pretend it's not there.

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