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Does any body know YUV:4:2:0 file format??? I mean how a video store in file with this format(in detail)


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YUV 4:2:0 isn't a file format its a video data format specifying the ratio between the Y, the U and the V components per pixel. You would typically store such data in a container format such as AVI or MOV.

Have a look at Wikipedia for a description of YUV. A file of YUV will just be a sequential collection of YUV frames.

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Thanks, but there is a file format ".yuv" i mean how video store in this file –  shahryar Mar 4 '11 at 13:35
The .yuv file format is a convention - you can't be sure what does contain! It is not an 'official' file format like .avi. However, most of the time, a .yuv file will contain a series of yuv images, one after the other, so it will be a raw video file. These are headerless, so there will be no info on the resolution of the yuv images or the fps of the video. So if you have some YUV images, just write them one after the other in the same file and tada, you'll have a YUV video! Concerning the YUV images, most of the time you will have 4:2:0 images with the format mentioned in wikipedia. –  Serafeim May 9 '11 at 13:09
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YUV is a file extension for a raster graphics file often associated with the Color Space Pixel Format. YUV files contain bitmap image data stored in the YUV format, which splits color across Y, U, and V values. It stores the brightness (luminance) as the Y value, and the color (chrominance) as U and V values. YUV files can be opened and converted using xnView.

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Here you can find scripts for manipulating YCbCr (also known as 'YUV') sequences.


Take a look at "yuv_export.m" and "yuv_import.m" to see how these files are stored.

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