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I have some strange problem. When I try to launch DevicePolicyManager activity from my main activity, it loads properly. However, when I make a notification, call QuestionActivity (if user clicks the notification), and then try to call DevicePolicyManager activity from QuestionActivity, I get (logcat):

INFO/ActivityManager(104): Starting activity: Intent {
(has extras) }
WARN/InputManagerService(104): Window already focused, ignoring focus
gain of:$Stub$Proxy@4514a2d0

And nothing appears. This is strange for me, cause I'm able to launch different Android OS activity from QuestionActivity:

//This works 
Intent intent = new Intent(Settings.ACTION_BLUETOOTH_SETTINGS);

But I cannot launch the DevicePolicyManager with:

//This works from main activity, but not from QuestionActivity
MyDeviceAdmin admin = new MyDeviceAdmin(this);
    Intent intent = new Intent(DevicePolicyManager.ACTION_ADD_DEVICE_ADMIN);
            "Additional text explaining why this needs to be added.");
    startActivityForResult(intent, 234234234); 

I would be very grateful for any help, cause I'm completely stuck.

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It turned out, that this activity won't launch when MyDeviceAdmin is active. – Kacper86 Mar 21 '11 at 10:36

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