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I would like to know the proper term for a method whose only reason of existence is to make a method call easier, make a method name sound/read better.

Like that:

public function translate($string)
    return Zend_Registry::get('Zend_Translate')->translate($string);

I could call it an adapter but that's kind of reserved for the Adapter design pattern.

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It's called the Facade design pattern. Usually reserved for interfaces and systems, but there's no reason why it doesn't equally apply to individual functions.

Adapter and Facade are both wrappers; but they are different kinds of wrappers. The intent of Facade is to produce a simpler interface, and the intent of Adapter is to design to an existing interface

Hmm, so maybe it is an Adapter :)

Personally, I try not to worry too much about what formal definition (if such a thing truly exists for software design) and worry more whether the words I use sufficiently communicate my intent to someone else who's reading. If you say adapter and we understand what's going on, then that's all fine.

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I like Facade, it describes it perfectly in my opinion. – markus Mar 4 '11 at 13:54

I'd call that a helper function, a convenience function, or a wrapper function.

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I call them proxy functions, but that's just me.

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If enough people read this answer, though, you might start a trend :-) – Steve Jessop Mar 4 '11 at 14:33

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