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I do not really understand the point of PDOStatement since:

$PDO = new PDO(); 
$PDOS = $PDO->query($sql);

var_dump($PDOS->fetchAll()); //will return data 
var_dump($PDOS->fetchAll()); //empty

Is there a param that needs to be passed so that 2nd time fetchAll returns data, but without executing the SQL again?

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Just store the result the first call to fetchAll() into a PHP variable. Any reason you can't do that?

$results = $PDOS->fetchAll();

Then you can use $results as much as you need to without taxing your database any further.

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Yes i know that, I was thinking that the $PDOS will not loose state after fetchAll and the result will be always available on method request. –  Dr Casper Black Mar 4 '11 at 15:22
I think the reason it loses state is because fetchAll() is actually requesting result rows from mysql, rather than providing you access to results it has already fetched and stored. It might work to use query buffering with mysql: php.net/pdo-mysql#pdo-mysql.constants –  Michael Berkowski Mar 5 '11 at 23:26
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