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I'm writing a Qt GUI Application, but there's a strange error i can't figure out; Here's the whole code: main.cpp

#include "LevelEditor.h"
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    LevelEditor editor(argc, argv);
    return 0;



#include <QtGui>

class LevelEditor
        LevelEditor(int argc, char* argv[]);
        void go();
        QApplication* app;
        QMainWindow* main_window;
        QMenuBar* menu_bar;
        QStatusBar* status_bar;
        QWidget* central;
        QMenu* menu_entry[3];
        QFrame* about_frame;

        QList<QAction*> file_actions;
        QList<QAction*> edit_actions;
        QList<QAction*> help_actions;



#include "LevelEditor.h"
#include <QStatusBar>
LevelEditor::LevelEditor(int argc, char* argv[])
    //initialise main objects
    app = new QApplication(argc, argv);
    main_window = new QMainWindow();
    menu_bar = main_window->menuBar();
    status_bar = main_window->statusBar();
    central = main_window->centralWidget();
    about_frame = new QFrame();

    //initialise menu entries and actions
    menu_entry[0] = new QMenu();    //file
    menu_entry[1] = new QMenu();    //edit
    menu_entry[2] = new QMenu();    //about

    //creating and connecting events to action
    file_actions.append(new QAction("New", menu_entry[0]));
    file_actions.append(new QAction("Open", menu_entry[0]));
    file_actions.append(new QAction("Save", menu_entry[0]));
    file_actions.append(new QAction("Quit", menu_entry[0]));
    QObject::connect(file_actions.back(), SIGNAL(triggered()), app, SLOT(quit()));
    QObject::connect(file_actions.back(), SIGNAL(hovered()), status_bar, SLOT(showMessage("Quit this App"));

    //edit menu
    edit_actions.append(new QAction("Cut", menu_entry[1]));
    edit_actions.append(new QAction("Copy", menu_entry[1]));
    edit_actions.append(new QAction("Paste", menu_entry[1]));

    //help menu
    help_actions.append(new QAction("About", menu_entry[2]));
    QObject::connect(help_actions.back(), SIGNAL(triggered()), about_frame, SLOT(show()));



void LevelEditor::go()

This code compiles fine without errors. Anyway, the debug console gives me a warning QObject::connect : NO such slot &QStatusBar::showMessage("Quit this App")

The problem seems related to this line:

QObject::connect(file_actions.back(), SIGNAL(hovered()), status_bar, SLOT(showMessage("Quit this App"));

I've searched in "QStatusBar.h" for the showMessage function and it is declared, but can't be called neither with "." nor "->" (even if it's public). Also tried this: QObject::connect(file_actions.back(), SIGNAL(hovered()), status_bar, SLOT(showMessage("Quit this App", 0));

and this: QObject::connect(file_actions.back(), SIGNAL(hovered()), status_bar, SLOT(QStatusBar::showMessage("Quit this App"));

But to no avail, it just won't recognise the function.

Am i missing something here? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Solved, i was taking the hard way to show a status text instead of using QAction::setStatusTip, my bad.

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My Qt is somewhat rusted but if I recall correctly you need to pass a signature to connect not a function call, like: showMessage(QString) instad of showMessage("My String"). You probably need to have a slot on your own class and there call showMessage with the value you want. – Vitor Py Mar 4 '11 at 15:13
+1: nice detailed question! – rubenvb Mar 4 '11 at 19:48
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You can't connect a signal to a slot with different signature. And you are not even using the proper connect syntax. The SLOT part should be:

SLOT(showMessage(const QString &))

It's to tell the meta object system what type(s) of parameters to send to the slot, not what concrete data to send.

In your case, you can't connect a signal with no parameter to a slot that expects one. You can achieve that by connecting the signal to your own slot and then call QStatusBar::showMessage from there.

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This means i can't directly use a QstatusBar object and instead i have to inherit a custom class from it with my own slot, right? – Tibor Mar 4 '11 at 15:35
You could instead create a slot in LevelEditor (e.g. showQuitMessage) which calls status_bar->showMessage("Quit this app"), then connect the hovered() signal to that slot. – Daniel Gallagher Mar 4 '11 at 16:00

You could use QSignalMapper to do what you want:

QSignalMapper * mapper = new QSignalMapper(this);
QObject::connect(file_actions.back(), SIGNAL(hovered()), mapper, SLOT(map()));
mapper->setMapping(file_actions.back(), "Quit this app");
connect(mapper, SIGNAL(mapped(const QString &)), statusBar, SLOT(showMessage(const QString &));

Using QSignalMapper allows you, to simply add another "hovered" messages without creating new slots for each. Simply for all other cases just use:

mapper->setMapping(yourAction/Button/Whater, "Your status message");
QObject::connect(yourAction/Button/Whater, SIGNAL(hovered/Other signal()), mapper, SLOT(map()))
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