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I have some code that I have created for an OnChange event which works perfectly.

<script type="text/javascript">
                    function UpdEventChanged(selectEl) {
                        var text = selectEl.options[selectEl.selectedIndex].text;
                        if (text == "Sickness" || text == "Holiday") {

                        else {

I need to integrate the above code to make it work on the Page Load event. Here is my code:

// update Dialog
        autoOpen: false,
        width: 500,
        buttons: {
            "update": function() {

                var eventToUpdate = {
                    id: currentUpdateEvent.id,
                    //title: $("#eventName").val(),
                    title: $("#EventSalesPerson option:selected").text(),
                    description: $("#eventDesc").val(),
                    salesperson: $("#EventSalesPerson option:selected").text(),
                    eventPostCode: $("input[id$=eventPostCode]").val(),
                    eventname: $("#EventEventName option:selected").text()

                    PageMethods.UpdateEvent(eventToUpdate, updateSuccess);

                    currentUpdateEvent.title = $("#eventName").val();
                    currentUpdateEvent.description = $("#eventDesc").val();
                    currentUpdateEvent.salesperson = $("#EventSalesPerson option:selected").text();
                    currentUpdateEvent.eventname = $("#EventEventName option:selected").text();
                    currentUpdateEvent.eventPostCode = $("input[id$=eventPostCode]").val();

                    $('#calendar').fullCalendar('updateEvent', currentUpdateEvent);

            "delete": function() {

                if (confirm("do you really want to delete this event?")) {

                    PageMethods.deleteEvent($("#eventId").val(), deleteSuccess);
                    $('#calendar').fullCalendar('removeEvents', $("#eventId").val());



If #EventEventName selected text = Holiday or Sickness then I need the following items to be hidden:


And obviously if they are not selected then the above should be displayed.


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It looks like you need something about like this:

var EventEventNameText = $('#EventEventName').val();
if (EventEventNameText=='Holiday' || EventEventNameText=='Sickness') {

Let me know how that works for you.

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Thanks, where would you suggest that I place this - my javascript knowledge is very limited. I tried placing it in this section of the .js file: $(document).ready(function() { But it doesn't seem to have worked. –  James Mar 4 '11 at 21:51
I think that you probably need it to be within your $('#EventEventName').change() handler. Let me also suggest that you try putting an alert('hello') statement as the first statement in your function function for debugging purposes. That way, you know for sure when the function runs. –  Daniel Allen Langdon Mar 11 '11 at 15:10

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