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I'm new to xmlrpc and I've been trying to integrate with a cobbler server in order to pull some info out of it. Unfortunately, the documentation is at best, sparse so I need some help.

The xmlrpc info for cobbler is here


using a process of elimnation, I've thrown together this test code in order to try pull some stuff.

include 'xmlrpc.inc';
// Make an object to represent our server.

$server = new xmlrpc_client('https://url/cobbler/cobbler_api'); 
$token = $server->login("username","password");   
echo $server->getprofiles("name");   

I get precisely nothing. So, what have I done wrong? How can i check the request is actually being performed correctly.

obviously I've replaced url username and password for the purposes of this question

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What's in xmlrpc.inc? Do you have error_reporting turned all the way up? (Also, you probably shouldn't be using the PHP3-era .inc naming scheme any longer, it's really easy to accidentally expose a security issue.) –  Charles Mar 4 '11 at 16:32
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Have you enabled XMLRPC access in cobbler? I found the following in their documentation:

This disables all external XMLRPC modifications, and also disables the Cobbler Web interface. Use this if you do not want to allow any external access and do not want to use the web interface. This is the default setting in Cobbler for new installations

Have a look here on how to enable XMLRPC on your server

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Yep, the default Python example works so XMLRPC is definitely enabled. –  Frap Mar 6 '11 at 11:35
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I seem to have fixed this myself.

I used Intutio's XMLRPC library and it worked like a charm, made it much easier once I'd included that.

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