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Why is my output of

logger.debug ["This is", "an", "Array"]

This isanArray

and not something like ["This is", "an", "Array"]

Is there a way to do this? (I know I could do to_yaml, but that is too verbose for me)

What are some options for a nice clean output of an array, similar to print_r in php?

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Try this:

logger.debug ["This is", "an", "Array"].inspect

This also works for all other kinds of objects: Hashes, Classes and so on.

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you could try the .inspect method....

logger.debug array.inspect

I agree with Andrew that there is nothing wrong with...

puts YAML::dump(object)
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When you do that, to_s is automatically called on the array, and that's how to outputs.

Calling to_yaml is by no means verbose. You could also look at using join or inspect.

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