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Could someone guide me understand how to implement Rich Text functionality in Java based Web application. I am using Xinha for WYSIWYG HTML editor and I am having MySql data type of the text field as 'TEXT'.

I am able to get the Xinha WYSIWYG HTML displayed but I am not able to get the data saved to database. The code that was working fine without using WYSIWYG HTML editor to save the data is not working anymore. Now when I try to save the data I am getting a NULL value in the database.

Could someone guide me how to get it done?


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First of all: the html code is recorded correct in the database? If you go there and SELECT the records, you will see html code?

If so, maybe your view technology is replacing <> to lt; and gt;, so the browser is not creating DOM nodes.

Can you please tell us what technology are you using and what is the generated source code? (if has or not tags?).

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there is a correction, the data is not getting saved to database either. The code that was working fine before is not working when I am using the WYSIWYG HTML editor to save the data to database, I find a null value in the database. I am using JSP as the view layer technology. What am I missing here? –  skip Mar 4 '11 at 19:04
Please post your code. The one that is getting the request parameter and saving it into the database. Also, the piece of html/jsp code where your WYSIWYG editor is written. –  bluefoot Mar 4 '11 at 19:10

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