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I meet a problem that in the Android source tree, every time I build some thing, it will be force clean, thus the build result before will be lost.

Such as:

1, First I build SDK. #make sdk

2, Second, I build cts #make cts

but the second command will force clean, output as:

* Build configuration changed: "generic-eng-sdk-{mdpi,nodpi}" -> "generic-eng-{mdpi,nodpi}"

* Forcing "make installclean"...

* Done with the cleaning, now starting the real build.

Then second problem is next time, when I restart the shell, and input: ./out/host/linux-x86/bin/emulator&

the out put as:

bjf@localhost android]$ ./out/host/linux-x86/bin/emulator&

[1] 26364

[bjf@localhost android]$ emulator: ERROR: You did not specify a virtual device name, and the system directory could not be found.

If you are an Android SDK user, please use '@' or '-avd ' to start a given virtual device (see -help-avd for details).

Otherwise, follow the instructions in -help-disk-images to start the emulator

The environment is Fedora 14.

Do anybody know the reason and how to fix? Thank you!

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