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I installed the rails admin gem, and have it working with Devise easily enough. I want to authorize the user via a boolean value, since not all users are admin. Though I'm not sure where to place the code or how it's supposed to work. i took the code from the readme, and have this currently:

RailsAdmin.authenticate_with do
  redirect_to root_path unless request.env['warden'].user.is_admin?

But the .user method call comes up nil, so the is_admin? fails.

Any recommendations on how I can set this up?

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Realized i just needed it in the application_controller

RailsAdmin.authorize_with do
  redirect_to root_path unless warden.user.is_admin?
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thanks. sigh... if rails ever gave proper documentation, i would praise them. there's no proper tutorial or anything on the goddamn rails admin – dtc Dec 13 '13 at 4:26
You can also use mainapp.root_path, if root_path doenst work right away – Kamilski81 Apr 18 '14 at 2:07

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