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In MS SQL Server is there a way to detect whether a database has had its isolation level set via the T-SQL command ALTER DATABASE <database> SET READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON;

I cannot find a simple way to detect this in either T-SQL or via the Management Studio's GUI.


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SELECT is_read_committed_snapshot_on FROM
sys.databases WHERE name= 'YourDatabase'

Return value:
1 = READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT option is ON. Read operations under the read-committed isolation level are based on snapshot scans and do not acquire locks.

0 = READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT option is OFF (default). Read operations under the read-committed isolation level use share locks.

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I like "DBCC USEROPTIONS", a bit easier to remember. –  ProVega Oct 29 '13 at 4:43
@ProVega - DBCC USEROPTIONS does not return the value of is_read_committed_snapshot_on. –  Carsten Schütte May 8 at 14:37

Neither on SQL2005 or 2012 does DBCC USEROPTIONS show is_read_committed_snapshot_on:-

Set Option Value textsize 2147483647 language us_english dateformat mdy datefirst 7 lock_timeout -1 quoted_identifier SET arithabort SET ansi_null_dflt_on SET ansi_warnings SET ansi_padding SET ansi_nulls SET concat_null_yields_null SET isolation level read committed

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