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First off, I am not a programmer and so I am simply trying to update an old Sharepoint site using Sharepoint tools. The difficulty I have been having is that the site has a lot of archives and pages that I don't want to recreate if possible. Therefore, I have been renaming and adding pages to an old site (originally creating via an earlier version of Sharepoint) and as I create these new pages/site within the share they look and navigate very differently from the old. How can I either update the old navigation to the new or vise versa so that the site all looks and navigates the same?

Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated

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Your old pages were probably edited using SharePoint Designer and that's why they do not get the new look&feel. You could reset this changes using Site Setting Reset to Site Definition option, but it could make changes to the site you don't want (it was probably edited for a reason). I would suggest making the change on a test copy and then you will see what is changed and how it can be fixed.

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This solution will allow programmers and non-programmers to work on navigation. You will be able to update the navigation using the site settings>navigation and allow the programmers to customize the styling however they wish. You can also put as many levels of sub-entres as you want.

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