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void getThisAlert(String Title,  Displayable txtagency2)
    Alert error = new Alert("", Title, null, AlertType.INFO);

i am validating lots of data.. so after show user that he has not filled some particular detail and afterward i want to put focus on it.... so somebody will please provide some solution...

As i can put focus on to some other page.

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You can use callSerially method of Display object avec a class implements Runnable.

private class ItemFocusEventHandler implements Runnable
     private Item _Item = null;

     public ItemFocusEventHandler(Item item)
          _Item = item;

     public void run()
          try { Thread.sleep(1000); }
          catch (Throwable t) { ; }

          _display.setCurrentItem(_Item); // sets focus to item

Then in data validation routine

if (_txtName.getString().length() == 0))
     Alert alert = new Alert(null, "Name ?", null, AlertType.ERROR);
     _display.setCurrent(alert, this);
     _display.callSerially(new ItemFocusEventHandler(_txtName));

This way focus will receive to _txtName. You can use that handler for other UI element as well.

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