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On my website I have a search box (text input field). When the user clicks on it and starts typing text a menu of links appears. The menu appears via JQuery - The following command makes the menu appear:

".focus(function() {
}); "

When the user clicks off the search box, I would like the menu to disappear.

The easiest way of doing this would be to be use the following command:

".blur(function() {

However, if I do this, then when the user clicks on a link in the menu, the text input field loses focus and so the menu disappears before the user is taken to the select page. How can I make it so the menu disappears when the search field loses focus, (but if the user clicks on a link before the search field loses focus, s/he is still able to be taken to the link)?

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I have this same question, I hope you get an answer posted shortly. =) – McHerbie Mar 4 '11 at 18:29
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You need to bind the click to body for hiding

$(document).click(function() {


See Working example at

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Thanks that worked perfectly! – big_smile Mar 5 '11 at 11:46

Can you be more specific, I don't understand the question. I checked your site and when I start typing something, a modal box style menu with the results is showed. Then if I blur the input the box still there.

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