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I am running into an issue where I am trying to implement SEO friendly links in an ASP.Net 3.5 application with IIS6. The issue is that when I try to use a url like "" it isn't directed to the ASP.Net pipeline, so I am unable to route the request to the correct physical aspx file. With ISAPI_Rewrite I know I can redirect a request to the specific page, but is there a way to have a request sent to the ASP.Net pipeline, so I can manipulate the request using the built-in routing engine. Any help is appreciated.


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Wade ,

You can either implement urlmodule which extents ihttpmodule.

or you can implement httphandler , You need to make this entry in httphandler section of web.config , so that each request comes to .net handler , you can customize your path there and rewrite the url

let me know if you need any help.

as sample example

let me know if you need any help , i implemented recently

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I found the technet article on how to route wildcard traffic to the pipeline. Here is the link -

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