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today im playing with domains with php,


www.wordpress.com is our main site
www.friend1.com is my new domain
www.friend2.com is my new domain
www.friend3.com is my new domain


www.friend1.com the same as www.wordpress.com/profile/friend1 ?
www.friend2.com the same as www.wordpress.com/profile/friend3 ?
www.friend3.com the same as www.wordpress.com/profile/friend2 ?

how do wordpress, etc do things like that? are they doing that in the server side ? or there is a way doing stuff like that in php?

*edit if you still dont get it,

heres a example. lets say you have a friend deviantart id at myfrienddeviantartid.devaintart.com and lets say you are the admin on deviantart. you want to make a addon service that your friend can park his own domain into deviantart.com.

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This is traditionally done using mod_rewrite inside Apache's configuration. It remaps URLs.

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yup, i was thinking that too, but i just cant think how would they manage a lot of domain by useing mod_rewrite via apache. –  Adam Ramadhan Mar 4 '11 at 18:43
Well, the rules are configured using perl-compatible regular expressions so you don't have to define every possible URL scenario. For example, to grab 'friend3' out of "www.friend3.com" you can use the regular expression "\.(\w)\." and place the matched result into your new, rewritten url. The regex is probably more complex than that and you'd have to test it obviously; but you get the idea. –  Jeff Mar 4 '11 at 21:13
nope, i was thinking using a database, first i see where he goes from, if the domain is on domains.url1.com ( ns config is right ) we just have to redirect the www.url2.com see to www.url1.com/destination with $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] then if not the same as domains.url1.com it will redirect to a proper url in the field ( fetched from database ) –  Adam Ramadhan Mar 5 '11 at 11:58
is it bad ? or maybe we should append the .htacsess, but i dont feel its a good idea. –  Adam Ramadhan Mar 5 '11 at 13:01

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