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I've been trying, but in vain, to create multiple fixtures in cakePhP. Currently, I need to test a function that requires two different fixture database tables. If possible, could someone please post some simple snippet and show me create multiple fixtures.

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Here's a simple fixture: app/tests/fixtures/entity_fixtures.php In your case you will create two of these files, one per model and with different names.

 class EntityFixture extends CakeTestFixture { 

    var $name = 'Entity'; 
    var $table = 'entities';

    // Define the fields
    var $fields = array(
        'entity_id'     => array('type' => 'integer', 'key' => 'primary'),
        'type'          => array('type' => 'string' , 'length' => 255),
        'created'       => 'datetime',
        'modified'      => 'datetime'


    var $records = array( 
        array('entity_id' => 1, 'type' => 'entity', 'created'=>'2010-01-01', 'modified' => '2010-01-01')


When in your test case include your fixtures at the top of your test case

class EntityTestCase extends CakeTestCase {

    var $fixtures = array(
        'plugin.myplugin.entity',     // Including a sample plugin fixture
        'entity',                     // The fixture above shown in code above
        'blogs'                       // Including a third fixture (should be in app/tests/fixtures/blog_fixture.php)
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have you taken a look at cake's bake utility? You can bake fixtures with it.

cake bake fixture all

bakes all fixtures at once in your app. Use with care in order not to overwrite existing code.

Edit0: Use

cake bake fixture help 

if you have further questions.

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