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I can auth my website with either ldap or by looking in db using different spring security authentication providers.

When i use the database auth, i use UserDetailsService, which correctly checks if my user is notActive and throws DisabledException correctly.

but using LdapAuthenticationProvider this does not occur. why?

spring security 2.0.1

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Which LdapAuthenticator are you using? If you use BindAuthenticator it will bind as the given user, eventually the directory server should reject if the user account disabled/expired.

I haven't used LdapAuthenticationProvider myself, but if its not done automatically you can retrieve the userdetails, The UserDetails class has bunch of methods to check weather the account is enabled/locked/expired.

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right, its just sad that i need to do the check manually when i change the provider implementation. thats what i ended up doing anyway.. –  mkoryak Mar 11 '11 at 16:27

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