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I am unable to come up with fundamental differences between the two. I could only come up with examples:

  • BitTorrent is a distributed p2p system, but ToR is decentralized.
  • Web services are decentralized, but I cannot think of a distributed web-service. (Maybe Diaspora?)
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is this Homework? – drudge Mar 4 '11 at 21:48
@jnpcl: I wish I could prove it, but no; this just came up as a discussion with a friend of mine. – Vimal Mar 4 '11 at 22:24

distributed systems can be in two type .. centralized and decentralized . Centralized Distributed Systems ,as client-server system and Multitired Application . Decentralized Distributed Systems not contains server ,such as peer to peer communication .

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If architecturally there is a single point of failure within a system, it is not a distributed system. A decentralized system could be a hierarchical structure where there is still a notion of the root of the hierarchy, a point of failure. A traffic round-about is a distributed version of a centralized system where traffic-lights (in traditional sense) is used.

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