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I have created a rollover imagemap to show cuts of beef. When the user clicks on a section of beef, a div becomes visible that will list recipes, via the js/popupbox.js script.

All the basic scripts are working here (click on the "Chuck" section)

But first the imagemap of the cow opens in a jquery modal window (I'm new to jquery, may be referring to that wrong!). The Problem: my show/hide div ceases to work inside of the jquery window.

I have considered using a tooltip script instead, but it's essential that the user be able to open/close the div themselves by clicking, because there will be recipes and other content inside each div that they will need to able to click on.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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You need to attach an event handler to the dialog using the open event.

$('#opener').click(function() {
        modal: true,
        height: 550,
        width: 800,
        hide: "explode",
        open: function() {
            $(this).click(function() {

Working example:

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Thanks for your reply, nolabel. I tried what you suggested but I now the popup modal window does not seem to work. Example: –  LRDesign Mar 5 '11 at 16:17
$('#opener').click(function() { $('#dialog').dialog({ modal: true, height: 550, width: 800, hide: 'explode', open: function() { $(this).click(function() { $('#popupbox').show(); }); } }); }); This works for me. The only difference I see in your code is that you are mixing in single quotes with double quotes, use one or the other. You have hide: "explode", it should be hide: 'explode', –  nolabel Mar 7 '11 at 17:04

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