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I have this git repo "c:/xampp/htdocs/**" in my main PC and its IP address is Now I want to git clone this repo from ubuntu-server which running on a Vmware Player in my main PC.

I did

 git clone \\\c:\xampp\htdocs\****


 git clone //****

from ubuntu-server and neither worked.

fatal: could not create work tree dir '****'.: Permission denied

What did I wrong? what should I do?

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To access the repo, you must either share it on or must be the same domain user as the one that owns the file on

If you share the directory on (e.g. with share name myrepo), you access it with //

If you are logged in on your box with a user accout that is known on, you could try accessing the repo through the administrative shares:


Always use forward slashes.

Another alternative would be using SSH to access the remote machine.

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Make sure that your c:/xampp/htdocs folder (or sub folders of it) is shared in windows, so you can navigate on the network by this address:


Then you clone by using file:////. Note that there are four slashes:

git clone file:////
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Using explorer (smb) to mount the remote repository as a network share is the easiest way. I'm not entirely sure, but I think you paths might be wrong. Try file:///\c:\xampp... instead.

There are two things that might have gone wrong for you:

  • You don't have read permission on the remote repository
  • You don't have write permission in the location you want to create your repository ( the current working directory or the directory you specify as second argument to git clone)

And also check if your samba server works for normal file access.

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"I have a few different computers that I use at home and I wanted to set up GIT that I can access my code from any of them. It took me a bit because I was too used to working with a client-server model where I designate one machine as the "server" that holds the repository and everything else was a client. Instead, GIT seems to operate more like a merge tool and every local copy is its own "master." Once I understood that, it turns out that setting up GIT is very simple and just needs GIT itself and SSH".

To read more you can check this link: http://blog.lazyhacker.com/2010/04/setting-up-git-for-home-network.html

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To make git repo on Windows local network you'd need to do the following:

  1. Create new repo

    git init --bare projectName.git

  2. Share this folder (projectName.git) with the users you need

  3. Find your PC ip with ipconfig command (e.g.
  4. Run this command from some user's machine

    git clone //

Note: open \\ in finder to see the correct path to the projectName.git (e.g. //

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