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I'd like to somehow be able to define with javascript an onclickout event. That is something that happens when the user clicks anywhere else that the element in question. I tried with onblur but it just don't seem to work :/

Is there any other way? Thx :)

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This uses the jQuery help, but the logic is the same if you prefer without it.

$(document).mouseup(function(event) {
    var condition = $(* element_in_question */).length;
        if (condition == 0) {   // 0 means the event is not originated from the element in question
            // Do what you need to do
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Nice. That must work :) Thx. – George Kastrinis Mar 5 '11 at 11:49
document.getElementById('click').onclick = function(event) {

document.onclick = function() {
    alert('click somewhere else');


This will send a click anywhere (except on #click) to the document.onclick handler, which will fire the alert().

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You can set a variable, clickedin, on an element's click handler, and then have a click handler for the document that is checking if clickedin is true, and if it is, handle appropriately.

There may be a better way to accomplish the same end, though.

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